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USPS EAP/Branch 142 Peer Counseling Program (PCP)

At varying times in our lives we may face personal problems. Some problems are more easily resolved than others.  Employees may need the help of professional assistance. Branch 142 has a program to assist our members called Peer Counseling (PCP). Branch 142's counselors are letter carriers. The Postal Service has a program called Employee Assistance (EAP). If you are a member of Branch 142 you have two options available if you need help with personal problems.

The USPS EAP is, a counseling and referral service staffed by master's-degree trained mental health professionals designed to help you with your personal, job, or family problems. Branch 142's PCP is a referral service staffed by letter carriers.

The USPS EAP will assist you with virtually any issue or problem which can affect your work performance or personal health. Some of the most common concerns the USPS EAP can help you resolve include: emotional stress; job related problems; marital; legal/financial; family; and substance abuse.

Although our letter carriers are not master's degree trained mental health professionals, Branch 142 is available to assist our membership. The first step is the hardest, a telephone call. That's all it takes to make an appointment in a confidential setting with either the USPS EAP or Branch 142's PCP. There is no cost to employees for USPS counseling and other services provided directly by the USPS EAP counselor. There is no cost to Branch 142's PCP referral program however you must be a member of Branch 142. If outside treatment or professional services are needed, costs associated with services rendered are your responsibility. Your health benefit plan or private insurance provider may cover cost associated with outside professional assistance. Both the USPS counselor and Branch 142's PCP will work with you to identify professional assistance that is in-line with your individual financial situation.

The USPS EAP is confidential and is protected by strict confidentiality laws and regulations and by professional ethical standards for counselors. Any assistance Branch 142's PCP counselors may provide is confidential unless you give written authorization to the contrary.

USPS: 1-800-EAP-4-YOU     TTY: 1-877-492-7341     Branch 142: (202) 291-4930

Branch 142's PCP is not a part of the USPS EAP and the USPS does not have any responsibility for Branch 142's PCP. Branch 142 reserves the right to withdraw its PCP services.